• Energy Assistance asbl-vzw Activity Report 2016

    The Activity Report 2016 of Energy Assistance asbl-vzw is available here...

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  • Isabelle Kocher rencontre l'association "Les Cajoutiers" à Dakar

    Ce 11 janvier 2017, à l'occasion de sa visite à Dakar, Isabelle Kocher a également rencontré les...

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  • EA Monaco - Antanarivo - Madagascar (01-23/10/2016)

    Le centre des « Orchidées Blanches » accueille des personnes en situation de handicap...

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  • EA Monaco - Orphelinat Fanantenana - Mananjary (Madagascar) (30/04 - 15/05/2016)

     L’orphelinat de Fanantenana est situé sur la côte sud-est de Madagascar. Il accueille des...

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  • Energy Assistance asbl-vzw : Foundation ENGIE rewarding HAÏTI initiatives

    Last November 10th, ENGIE Foundation formalized its support rewarding two initiatives for the...

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  • ENERGY ASSISTANCE asbl: Mission in Warang Les Cajoutiers, Senegal (4-15 september 2016)

     This project, in the proximity of M’Bour, about 90 km South of Dakar, consisted of the...

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  • ENERGY ASSISTANCE ASBL: La Flèche, Queen Marie-Henriette Childrens’home, Brussels Belgium (January 2016 and 20th and 27th August 2016)

    In 2016, we made our first project in Belgium in favor of a home for children of the judge located...

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  • ENERGY ASSISTANCE ASBL : New electrical installation for a hearing impaired children’s school in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (16 – 24 August 2016)

    In 2015, Energy Assistance asbl-vzw and ENGIE Asia Pacific worked together to renovate the...

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  • ENERGY ASSISTANCE ASBL: PROJECT 346 Newton (Sierra Leone) – from the 3th to the 13st June 2016

    Mission Newton : In 2014 and 2015 an Ebola epidemic raged through Western Africa.  Sierra...

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  • ENERGY ASSISTANCE ASBL: PROJECT 354 Mivakpo (Togo) – from the 7th to the 19st may 2016

    Mission MIVAKPO and repairs on 4 different sites The mission managed by Jean Noel Marchand (...

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3.160.930 Number of people who benefits this project

202 Projects carried out in 32 countries

3.310.921 W Power installed or connected

72.383 hours Number of hours spent on the project by EA members

  • Murghab 3 (Tajikistan) Mission - 11th October 2012

    18-10-2012 - 16:52

    Murghab 3 (Tajikistan) Mission - 11th October 2012 Marc van Gelder and Patrick Pirson (ORES Arlon) came back from a three-week mission in Tajikistan, at the heart of Pamir.

  • First mission in Europe, in Romania - 8 July 2012

    21-08-2012 - 18:44

    First mission in Europe, in Romania - 8 July 2012  Lighting, cooling and heating systems installed in Gura SutIi’s kindergarten    

  • Around Burundi in three missions!

    24-07-2012 - 16:12

    Around Burundi in three missions!Newsletter 39 There were three of us carrying out the EA mission in Burundi from 3 to 17 March this year: Yves Hernalsteen, Dario Torrini and myself, all from Cofely Services. We had three objectives at three different sites in various parts of the country ... 

  • The Kanako ReMed Mission to Kpoba

    24-07-2012 - 14:28

    The Kanako ReMed Mission to KpobaNewsletter 38 – The Kanako ReMed Mission to Kpoba (Benin) The aim of this project was to electrify the dispensary located in Benin’s Kpoba district and, on the initiative of the Jeune Chambre Economique de Sophia Antipolis, to retrieve minor medical equipment and transfer it to the dispensary. More info


    18-06-2012 - 18:03

    After 10 years of Energy Assistance’s existence, we felt it was necessary to update our website, which was created several years ago thanks to the gratefully-received support of a few volunteers, but which needed its format and content renewing. The technical limits of the current site had been reached and were a barrier to development. The new site has been designed with the help of a web agency specializing in these technologies, while the content is still being provided by the volunteers.

  • The Wlimedzog Mission (Togo) returns - 22 April 2012

    08-06-2012 - 22:27

    The Wlimedzog Mission (Togo) returns - 22 April 2012Dominique Thomas and Georges Echement (ORES Arlon) have returned from a 2-week mission in Togo. During their mission in the Lomé region, they electrified the following facilities by means of photovoltaic panels:

  • Back from 4th mission in Haiti - 8 April 2012

    08-06-2012 - 22:14

    Back from 4th mission in Haiti - 8 April 2012It took an international team of six volunteers to complete this mission in Haiti, the fourth after the catastrophic earthquake on 12 January 2010. Etienne Decamp, Raymond Denis, David Mathieu and Francis Verhelst (all from ORES), together with Daniel Benoît (Cofely – France) and Victor Lira (Leme – Brazil) gave up two weeks of their holidays to meet the essential needs of Lamardelle school and the hospitals of Tabarre, Delmas and St. Roch.

  • Mission in Haiti 2011 - Movie

    06-06-2012 - 18:52

    Mission in Haiti 2011 - MovieThis movie was shown at the event to mark the 10th anniversary of Energy Assistance. It illustrates the obstacles encountered during our missions. In the particular case of Haiti, the volunteers had to deal with unexpected administrative slowness in customs clearance, as well as traffic problems in the overpopulated capital Port-au-Prince. But their best reward is the smiles of the children and the people surrounding them, whose quality of life has been significantly improved by the arrival of electricity.