How to contribute

Supporting Energy Assistance activities, you contribute to improve the quality of life of underprivileged communities and open the way for them to a sustainable development.  

1 - Become a member

If you are an active collaborator or retired from a company which is part or former part of the ENGIE group, you can become an effective member of one of the branch of E.A. and be informed of the activities, participate to the events and vote at the annual General Meeting. Your contribution will be entirely used to finance our projects   Each association has its own terms. Please download and send back the appropriate form to become a member of  :

2 – Make a donation

Donations of members and individuals represent 25% of our financing. The amount of your donation will be entirely used to finance our projects.    To make a donation and to know about conditions of taxes deductibility please download the terms proper to each association.   

  • Energy Assistance                                             donation.pdf
  • Energy Assistance Italy                                     ea_italia_membershipdonation.doc 

3 – Become a volunteer

EA exists only through its volunteers that put their time and competences at the service of the association. We talk of course about the Field volunteers that go in a mission to realize projects in the country of the south. But also the Project’s leaders who analyze the projects, make the technical choices and organize the missions. Let’s not forget all other Volunteers who, in the shade, participate to the day by day management of the association, its accounting, its legal aspects, communication etc. in collaboration with the Energy Assistance team 

If you are a member and wish to give a little of your time to the association, please download and send back one of the form hereafter, that will allow us to know your profile and see what task could be entrusted to you.  

Some volunteers profiles:

Marcel Bavay
José Béroudia Olivier Callebaut
Grégory Choquet Gilles de Roubaix
ex Fabricom
Christoph Heymann
Albert Lambot
Koen Remans
Tractebel Engineering

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