• A very happy New Year !

    The Energy Assistance team wishes you a very happy New Year and thanks you for your generous...

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  • Energy Assistance asbl-vzw: Mission Dhapakhel - Nepal (12–22 October 2014)

    Two Energy Assistance volunteers Jan Tierens (retired from Laborelec) and Pascal Stiens (Electrabel...

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  • Avrankou

    Electrification of a rearing poultry

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  • Cisse Yargo

    Electrification of six class rooms at Cisse Yago school

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  • Iloilo

    Photovoltaic power supply of a refuge for girls and a home for students

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  • Elavagnon East

    installation of a genset in a hospital

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  • Schools at Lang Khang Phone

    Installation of low voltage electricity in 2 schools

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    EAM - Securing Electricity Supply and Distribution in an Orphanage

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  • Porto Novo

    Installation of low voltage electricity in a boarding school

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  • Yolo Sud

    Electrification of buildings and backup power for the Joint Centre for Medicine and Anaemia SS (CMMASS) located in Yolo South, Kinshasa

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2.941.194 Number of people who benefits this project

187 Projects carried out in 32 countries

2.892.968 W Power installed or connected

68.711 hours Number of hours spent on the project by EA members