• Schools at Lang Khang Phone

    Installation of low voltage electricity in 2 schools

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    EAM - Securing Electricity Supply and Distribution in an Orphanage

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  • Porto Novo

    Installation of low voltage electricity in a boarding school

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  • Yolo Sud

    Electrification of buildings and backup power for the Joint Centre for Medicine and Anaemia SS (CMMASS) located in Yolo South, Kinshasa

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  • Agua Dulce - Cuatro Cayos

    Photovoltaic electrcity supply to 3 schools, 1 health centre and 1 waterpump

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  • Mahavélo

    Installation of low voltage electricity in a school

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  • Anivorano-Est

    Electricity supply of a hospital with photovoltaic arrays

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  • Kabinda Youth Centre

    Supply of IT material and a PV system

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  • Mission impossible in the Bandundu in Congo

    In the beginning of April 2013, four Energy Assistance volunteers, Luc Brossé (Electrabel), Jan...

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  • Electrification of public facilities in the region of Busra and of the Street Children Centre in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

    In the beginning of 2013, four volunteers fromn Energy Assistance, Christian Trifin and Marc...

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2.941.194 Number of people who benefits this project

187 Projects carried out in 32 countries

2.892.968 W Power installed or connected

68.711 hours Number of hours spent on the project by EA members

  • Energy Assistance asbl-vzw: Photovoltaic systems for "Caméléon" in the Philippines: 24 May – 8 June 2014

    03-07-2014 - 15:38

    Energy Assistance asbl-vzw: Photovoltaic systems for "Caméléon" in the Philippines: 24 May – 8 June 2014Guy Vansaingele, Olivier Letellier and Patrick Decoster (ORES) came back from a 2-week mission of volunteering for Energy Assistance asbl-vzw (EA) on the island of Panay in Philippines. In 1997, Laurence Ligier created “Caméléon" pour Caméléon avec a Franco-Philippine humanitarian association that takes care of young underprivileged  Filipino girls who have suffered sexual abuse. “Caméléon”  helps them to reach a new balance and well-being, giving them access to education in particular.

  • Energy Assistance asbl-vzw Activity Report 2013

    12-06-2014 - 10:04

    The Activity Report 2013 of Energy Assistance asbl-vzw is available under "About Us". Activity Report 2013

  • The 20 km of BRUSSELS: Comments of a volunteer/runner

    11-06-2014 - 08:53

    After a week of fresh temperatures and rain, Brussels wakes up on May 18th with a shining spring sun. 8 o’clock!  The doors of Saint Stanislas Institute open, and the first Energy Assistance runners arrive to receive their T-Shirts and number.The 345 runners will soon get going to the starting area.Still a last practical information, still a last cheer up, still a quick photo of the group, and everybody gets moving to the 50th jubilee park, where traditionally the tune of the “Bolero de Ravel” can be heard.

  • Haiti - Fourth mission!

    13-05-2014 - 12:08

    Haiti  - Fourth mission!The 4th mission of Energy Assistance asbl-vzw in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake took place from 8 to 27 March 2014. Five volunteers have dedicated to this mission two weeks of their holidays: Fred Arzee (ex Cofely Fabricom), Marcel Bavay (ex- ORES), Etienne Decamps (Electrabel), David Mathieu (ORES) and Marc Werelds (ORES). Four photovoltaic projects were on the agenda

  • Energy Assistance- Brussels 20 km – Together we will take up the challenge

    12-05-2014 - 11:04

    Energy Assistance- Brussels 20 km – Together we will take up the challengeOn 18 May 2014, some 350 runners coming from the GDF SUEZ Group, ORES and Sibelga will represent Energy Assistance asbl-vzw in the 20km of Brussels. If you want to sponsor them (e.g. a certain amount per km), please contact carine.vandenbosch@electrabel.com.

  • PHAPLU Mission – Nepal, 4 to 16 February 2014

    12-05-2014 - 09:45

    PHAPLU Mission  – Nepal, 4 to 16 February 2014Phaplu is a village in Nepal that is part of the district of Solukhumbu to which the Mount Everest also belongs to. It is useless to say that this environment is quite unusual for us, “men of the plains”. Two volunteers of Energy Assistance, Michael di Marino (ORES) and Djuneyt Caba (ORES) have however answered ‘present’ to realize a mission there for a week between the 4th and the 16th February 2014.

  • 8th Volunteers’ Forum of Energy Assistance – 26 April 2014

    05-05-2014 - 12:18

    The Volunteers’ Forum of Energy Assistance asbl-vzw (EA) is the annual get-together for sharing experiences amongst  volunteers, members and friends of the association. The 8th Forum, held  on Saturday 26 April 2014, was attended by nearly 60 participants. After a brief overview of the activities and achievements of EA and EAFrance in 2013, the audience discovered projects such as Mwene Ditu and realizations in the Bandundu province in Democratic Republic of Congo, Boeng Nimol in Cambodia, Laverdure  and Saint Michel de l’Attalaye in Haiti.

  • A very happy New Year !

    23-12-2013 - 19:46

    A very happy New Year !The Energy Assistance team wishes you a very happy New Year and thanks you for your support in 2013 to its humanitarian energy access projects.  The benefits of the Energy Assistance Greeting Cards’ sale will be donated this year to the electrification project of the Leguruki school in Tanzania.

  • Guatemala - Photovoltaic power supply in 3 Mayan villages

    22-12-2013 - 17:13

    Guatemala - Photovoltaic power supply in 3 Mayan villagesEnergy Assistance has just completed a 2-weeks mission in Guatemala. Our volunteer Marc Van Gelder (ORES) was accompanied by a technician from  GDF Suez Central America, Panama, Rony González. Photovoltaic power supply have been carried out at :

  • Energy Assistance – planned mission to the Philippines in early 2014

    26-11-2013 - 22:30

    Energy Assistance asbl-vzw remains committed and expresses its solidarity with communities affected by typhoon Haiyan which has hit the Philippines on 8 November 2013.